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Requirements for production of spring support hanger

Jun 08, 2017

1. Select materials conforming to the design requirements, make the material of constant force spring support hanger without rusting, no cracks, and should have product certification, specifications meet the requirements.
2. The selection of springs shall be in strict accordance with the requirements.
3. Underline the material according to the size of the spring support hanger, and then cut off. Cut off as far as possible mechanical method. If the condition is limited, when cutting cut, the incision will be polished by the grinding wheel and the incision section should be flat and smooth.
4. Drilling Bracket Drilling Application drill or punching machine, the diameter of the hole should be greater than the diameter of the tube card or Derrick 1-2mm.
5. Pipe card hanger rod making card ring is generally made of round or flat steel, its arc should be smooth and uniform, and the inner circle of clasp should conform to the diameter of pipe. The U-shaped card should be bent after the thread is first set.
6. Spring Support Hanger Bar is made of round steel, and the length of sleeve wire meets the requirements.