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Metal Hose Joint Introduction

Jun 08, 2017

Metal hose Joint is a kind of high quality flexible connecting pipe in modern industrial pipeline. It is mainly composed of metal hose, metal mesh and various types of joints, its inner tube is a spiral corrugated or annular corrugated thin-walled stainless steel bellows, the outer layer of the corrugated pipe is woven from stainless steel wire or stainless steel strip according to certain parameters, and the connectors at each end of the hose are prepared according to the joint form of the user's pipe or equipment.
Metal Hose has a good softness, anti-fatigue, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and many other excellent characteristics, it is relative to other types of hose (rubber hose, plastic hose) life is much higher, with the development of modern industry, high and low temperature resistance, high pressure, corrosion-resistant corrugated metal hose is more and more widely used.