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Comparison of the Performance of Spraying Zinc, Spraying Aluminum and Hot - Dip Galvanizing Process

Jul 27, 2017

First, the application of anti-atmospheric corrosion coating

Steel structure, steel box girder bridge, TV tower, building antenna, transmission substation, steel pole and other outdoor steel structure, these steel components due to long-term exposure to the atmosphere, by climate change and sun and rain, the surface of rapid oxidation, Generating a layer of ferric oxide, seriously affecting the strength of steel structure and service life. In order to prevent the oxidation of steel surface, in the past are generally used to protect the paint, the corrosion life is generally 3-5 years, so the need for regular maintenance, maintenance, the common method is to copy paint, cost a lot of manpower and resources. The structure of the surface spray zinc, spray aluminum technology to protect the anti-corrosion life of up to 30 years without maintenance. Such as zinc and aluminum coating in addition to paint closed, the longer the longer corrosion.

Steel surface only spray zinc, spray aluminum, can really play the role of anode protection, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term corrosion of steel structure, so many of the country's major projects and municipal projects are designated to adopt the process. Such as: the Yangtze River Three Gorges ** gate, the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Yangpu Bridge main guardrail, Guangzhou City, ring elevated steel beam, Shanghai (Shanghai related doors and windows information) securities building steel structure antenna, Pudong Airport Road common ditch gas pipeline, South Bridge 500,000 kilowatts substation, etc., to ensure that the major projects of the century plan.

Second, anti-corrosion coating

Steel water gate is a hydropower station, the main control of water in the reservoir steel structure, it is part of the long-term immersion in water, the surface by microbial erosion (such as the scorpion adsorption, the excrement was acidic.) Another part of the long-term exposure to the atmosphere, Especially the waterline part, by the impact of surfing and floating on the surface of the water, but also by the high tide, the impact of the tide, so that part of the steel surface often dry and wet alternately, especially easy to rust. Now use wire spray zinc, spray aluminum Process, greatly improving the corrosion resistance of steel gates, than the original use of paint (paint related doors and windows information) process anti-corrosion years increased 5 to 6 times.

Third, spray zinc, spray aluminum technology and similar performance comparison (hot-dip galvanizing process)

1, hot-dip galvanizing process pretreatment using pickling, phosphating process, the surface of the workpiece will be acid, lye residue, leaving a hidden risk of corrosion, so that hot galvanized layer prone to fall off. Pretreatment using sandblasting process, so the workpiece surface is very clean and rough, the surface sprayed zinc, sprayed aluminum will not produce corrosion from the inside out, which will not produce zinc layer off phenomenon.

2, hot-dip galvanizing process has a certain temperature, about 440 ℃ or so, so the workpiece will be deformed after hot-dip; and spray zinc, spray aluminum spray when the temperature is very low, the workpiece surface temperature <80 ℃, so the workpiece is not deformed The

3, the use of hot-dip galvanizing process, the workpiece by the plating tank length × width × height limit; and the use of spray zinc, spray aluminum process is no restrictions on the workpiece.

4, the use of hot-dip galvanizing process, there are still on-site repair problems. On-site installation of the weld, handling, transport process damage, repair can only use paint (paint related doors and windows information), resulting in technological breakthroughs, such as the use of spray zinc, Spray aluminum process, the scene can be sprayed zinc, spray aluminum method to repair, to avoid a breakthrough process.

5, due to the pretreatment of hot-dip galvanizing process using pickling, phosphating, so the surface of the workpiece is not roughness, coating adhesion is poor.While spraying zinc, spray aluminum pretreatment using sandblasting, Sa ≥ 2.5, So the workpiece surface roughness, coating adhesion is better. Tensile strength ≥ 0.6kg / mm2.

6, hot-dip galvanizing process is very serious pollution of water quality, environmental issues are very prominent, so hot spray zinc, spray aluminum technology in the more widely.

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