Rigid & IMC Conduit Watertight Hubs

Rigid & IMC Conduit Watertight Hubs
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Rigid & IMC Fittings  
Garvin Industries Rigid Conduit fittings are made from stamped steel or malleable Iron and are used to bond rigid conduit to electrical junction boxes and enclosures.  They come in threaded, set screw and compression styles and can be ordered with or without a plastic throat liner designed to protect wires being pulled.  Many of these fittings can be used in wet or dry locations.

Watertight Hubs - Standard    
These watertight hubs are used with threaded rigid or IMC conduits to connect and bond them to threaded openings in boxes or enclosures. Garvin Industries’ Die-cast Zinc, watertight hubs may be used in both wet and dry locations.  
Garvin Industries’ watertight hubs have a rugged metallic construction to ensure mechanical protection and durability. The watertight hubs also have an insulated throat to protect wires and reduce the effort of pulling wires. Garvin Industries’ watertight hubs also feature an O-ring to provide a rain-tight seal on electrical boxes or enclosures




1/2"zinc die cast , set-screw type
3/4"zinc die cast , set-screw type
1"zinc die cast , set-screw type
1-1/4"zinc die cast , set-screw type
1-1/2"zinc die cast , set-screw type
2"zinc die cast , set-screw type
3"zinc die cast , set-screw type
4"zinc die cast , set-screw type

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