Squeeze Connector

squeeze connectors are used to connect flexible metal conduits to boxes, enclosures, lighting fixtures and other appliances. Available in a variety of styles, straight and 90°, they can be screwed into flexiblemetal conduits or clamped on the outside of jackets.

Product Details


  1. Zinc die casting squeeze connector straight type

  2. Come always with screws and locknut

  3. For fixing the pvc coated and steel flexible conduit quickly

  4. As UL stipulated:all the sizes need to be using corresponding item code when we applicated the UL,C/W screw and steel locknut,come with the hot-gal.lock ring

Produce Feature

To bond flexible metal conduit or armored cable to a box or enclosure.

FLEX.MC.Used to terminate flexible metal conduit to a knock-out in a dry location box or enclosure.

SCM-25 3/8''
SCM-50 1/2''
SCM-75 3/4''
SCM-100 1''
SCM-125 1-1/4''
SCM-150 1-1/2''
SCM-200 2''
SCM-300 3''
SCM-400 4''

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