PVC Steel Coated Flexible Conduit

We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting a quality range of PVC Coated Steel Flexible Conduit. Our conduits are used for mechanical protection of cable and wire in tunnels, hospitals, high-rise office blocks and public buildings, airlines, underground and others. Further, these are PVC coated in order to ensure resistance against corrosion. These steel flexible conduits are most suitable for tight-spot installation and in places where certain water tightness is required. Galvanized steel, helical wound, flexible steel conduit is available in poly vinyl coating in black color with spiral corrugated pattern finished surface.

Product Details


  1. Material:(inner layer)Adopting galvanized steel band with special insulation treatment

                  (out layer)Adopting PVC raw material(anti-uv,anti-aging)Color:Black or Grey.

  2. long service life

  3. good mechanical protection

  4. good bending flexibility

  5. the flexible pipes have extremely good waterproof,insulating and pull resistance

  6. PVC coated in order to ensure resistance against corrosion

  7. Port:zhejiang

  8. Specification sheet can be sent via email.


  1. Galvanizd steel,helically wound,flexible steel conduit with pvc coating.

  2. Highly flexible

  3. Low smoke density

  4. Water resistance

  5. High mechanical strength

  6. Highly flexible

Normal sizeTypeInside Diameter

Outside Dia

Over Jacket



Length of Roll

Min(mm) Max(mm)Min(mm)  Max(mm)    (mm)       (mm)
3/8''~12mmSLFS210B12.3          12.816.70         17.20     50        50
SLFS220B15.8          16.3020.20         20.70     65        50
3/4''~20mmSLFS230B20.70        21.2020.50         26.10     75        50
1''~25mmSLFS240B26.00        26.6031.60         32.20    100         50
1-1/4''~32mmSLFS250B34.70        35.40 40.80         41.50     125        30
1-1/2''~38mmSLFS260B40.00        40.6046.60         47.20     150        30
2''~51mmSLFS270B51.30        51.9058.10         58.70     175        20
2-1/2"~64mmSLFS280B63.00        63.6071.80         72.40     200        10
3"~75mmSLFS29078.00        78.7087.20         87.90     225         10
4"~100mmSLFS300B101.60      102.60111.20       112.30     275         10

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