Ul Listed C Type EMT Connector Conduit Bodies

TOPELE threaded conduit bodies are commonly used for electrical service entrance wires or as an economical convenience box when extra wire capacity is needed. They are attached to threaded rigid or imc conduit when a change of direction is required.

Product Details

Ul Listed C Type EMT Connector Conduit Bodies

1. Product introduction of the C type conduit bodies


These C type conduit bodies  can be made up by Iron,Aluminium,steel,zinc alloy,plastic ,etc. Most of the parts were used in the field of electric industry.

The finish treatment we could do are semi-bright, zinc plating, anodizing, heat treatment, powder coating, etc.. Based on our experienced engineers & QC team, we could make these machined components exactly according to your drawings or samples We devoted ourselves to CNC machining many years, covering most of Europe and the Americas market. We are expecting become your long-term partner in China.

2.Product Parameter(Specification)of the C type conduit bodies


Name & Description

C type conduit bodies

Material Available

zinc alloy,iron,aluminium ,plastic ,etc.

Finish Treatment

customized finishing


1/2 inch~4 inch customized


electric industry.


3.Product Details of the C type conduit bodies

These kinds of conduit bodies can be  Served as pulling fittings ,made bends in conduit system ,provided openings for splicing ,connected and changed direction of conduit runs ,allowed connections for branch runs 
and permitted access to conductors for maintenance .


Ul Listed C Type EMT Connector Conduit Bodies

Rigid Conduit Outlet Body T Specification
1/25.63 in.3.19  in.1.56 in. 2.44  in.1.75 in. 
143.0 mm81.0 mm39.6 mm62.0 mm44.5 mm
3/46.25  in.3.81  in.1.88  in.2.63  in.2.00 in. 
158.8 mm96.8mm 47.8 mm66.8 mm50.8 mm
17.25  in.4.50  in.2.00  in.3.00 2.25  in.
184.2 mm114.3 mm50.8 mm76.2 mm57.2 mm
1-1/47.44  in.5.00  in.2.19  in.3.19  in.2.31  in.
189.0 mm127.0 mm55.6 mm81.0 mm58.7 mm
1-1/28.19  in.5.44  in.2.44  in.3.56 in. 2.56  in.
208.0 mm138.2 mm62.0 mm90.4 mm65.0 mm
29.19  in.6.38  in.3.00  in.4.13  in.3.13  in.
233.4 mm162.1 mm76.2mm 104.9 mm79.5mm 
2-1/212.00  in.8.38  in.4.25  in.5.75  in.3.63  in.
304.8 mm212.9 mm108.0 mm146.1 mm92.2 mm
312.06  in.8.38  in.4.25  in.5.75  in.4.38  in.
306.3 mm212.9 mm108.0 mm146.1 mm111.3 mm
3-1/214.31  in.10.25  in.5.25  in.6.94  in.4.88  in.
363.5 mm260.4 mm133.4 mm176.3 mm124.0 mm
414.31  in.10.25  in.5.25  in.6.94  in.5.38  in.
363.5 mm260.4 mm133.4 mm176.3 mm136.7 mm


4.  Product Applications of the C type conduit bodies:

Designed to gain access to raceway interiors for wire pulling, splicing & maintenance

For use with IMC and rigid conduit

For indoor and outdoor applications

Corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum construction

International standard for safety

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