Rigid/EMT Conduit With Bender

Rigid/EMT Conduit With Bender
Product Details

conduit Bender:


For bending Electrical Metallic Tubing (1/2", 3/4", 1") or Rigid Conduit (1/2", 3/4")


1) The markings are cast into the bender body and raised on both sides for better visibility while in use

2) Each bender features a deeply serrated step to help prevent slippage when applying force during a bend

3) The flat hook surface provides a starting point for each bend while the grooved internal hook helps prevent the conduit from slipping during the bend

4) Lightweight aluminum for easy handling

5) Strong enough for every day use

6) Exceptional, durable, heat-treated materials for extra strength

7) Malleable iron is also available.

Product Feature

A. Excellent mechanical protection for conductors.

B. Compatible with all types of building materials.

C. Hot-dip galvanized for excellent corrosion resistance.

D. High strength ductile steel for long life and easy bending.

E. System grounding and electromagnetic interference shielding.

F. Durable, strong and suitable for the harshest environmental conditions.

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4. Available in an extensive range of stock or custom size.

5. The whole process from material to finished products can be traced.

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