Aluminum EMT conduit bender

TOPELE Pipe bender is suitable for using with electrical pipe of all common sizes between 16mm-32mm. The bem25 is one of t he most compact machine in the range, allowing it to be stored in smaller spaces, such as the boot of a car.

Product Details

Aluminum EMT conduit bender


Easily visible arrow confirms alignment on conduit marks

Exclusive design minimizes rippling and ovaling of conduit

Iron construction ensures strength and durability

Includes center of bend marks for 30°, 45° and 60°

Interior clamp securely holds conduit while cutting with a hacksaw

Conduit Bender Guide


Conduit Bending Basics:


Conduit benders have been designed for performance and durability exceeding the expectations of today’s professional. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with bending concepts, techniques and learn the bender’s functionality to provide you a positive experience whilegreatly improving the overall outcome of your project.

Conduit come in two types, EMT and Rigid conduits and can be found in various sizes.

Prostar provides conduit benders for EMT in ½”, ¾”, 1” and 1-¼” conduit and ½”, ¾”, and 1” Rigid conduit.

To aid bending when performing a ground or air bend, the benders are marked with different alignment

symbols to help the operator create the bends necessary to accomplish any project.

The symbols found on the Prostar benders are the arrow, the teardrop, the star point and angle markings. Thesemarkings are found on various sides of the bender head.


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Things to remember while bending:


1. A proper bend is made by rolling the conduit about the bender in the conduit’s cradle using all foot pressure.

2. Use the correct size bender for the conduit size being bent.

3. Some over bending may be required to allow for spring back of the conduit. The resting condition of the conduit is to be at

the final angle desired.

4. Measure and properly mark your conduit using the tables and information provided.

5. Floor bending: Make sure conduit is secure so it does not slide prior to bending. Apply ample foot pressure to the benders

heel while minimizing the use of the handle as a lever but more of a guide.

6. Air Bending: Make sure handle’s hilt is secure on ground and is reinforced by your foot so it does not slide out. Make sure

you are balanced and apply force close to the tool and your body controlling the tubing as you bend it around the bender’s

cradle making sure the conduit does not slide in the bender head.

7. To prevent injury, always wear protective gear and do not over exert.

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EMT Conduit Pipe Bender 

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